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    List of 2 Track PlayTape Cartridges

  1. No. 3167 THE ANIMALS "The Best Of The Animals"
  2. No. 3169 THE ANIMALS "Animalization"
  3. No. 3170 HERMINS HERMITS "Both Sides Of Hermins Hermits"
  4. No. 3171 SAM THE SHAM AND THE PHAROAHS "The Sham"
  5. No. 3172 THE ANIMALS "Animalization" VOL. 2
  6. No. 3173 THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION "Freak Out" (Verve Folkways) Hungry Freaks Daddy - I Ain't Got No Heart - Go Cry On Somebody Elses Shoulder - Any Way The Wind Blows - Wowie Zowie - You Didn't Try To Call Me - I'm Not Satisfied - You're Probably Wondering Why I Am Here
  7. No. 3274 TOM LEHRER "Songs By Tom Lehrer"
  8. No. 3275 NANCY SINATRA "Sugar" LP
  9. No. 3276 THE EVERLY BROTHERS "Gone Gone Gone"
  10. No. 3279 THE MEXICALI SINGERS "The Mexicali Singers"
  11. No. 3280 JIMMY DURANTE "September Song"
  12. No. 3281 DON HO AND ALIIS "Don Ho-Again"
  13. No. 3282 BILL COSBY "Bill Cosby Is A Very Funny Guy - Right"
  14. No. 3283 Frank Sinatra "A Man And His Music"(Reprise) Put Your Dreams Away, There Are Such Things, Call Me Irresponsible, Fly Me To The Moon, I'll Never Smile Again, I'll Be Seeing You, Softly As I leave You, My Kind Of Town
  15. No. 3284 PETR PAUL AND MARY "In The Wind"
  16. No. 3285 BILL COSBY "I Started Out As A Child"
  17. No. 3286 PETER PAUL AND MARY "Peter Paul And Mary In Concert"
  18. No. 3288 Frank Sinatra "Sinatra At The Sands With The Count Basie Orchestra Vol. 2" (Reprise) Come Fly With Me, I've Got You Under My Skin, The Shadow Of Your Smile, Fly Me To The Moon, I've Got A Crush On You, Street Of Dreams, Where Or When, You Make Me Feel So Young
  19. No. 3289 Frank Sinatra "Sinatra Swings" (Reprise) The Curse Of An Aching Heart, Love Walked In, Granada, Moonlight On The Ganges, Falling In Love With Love, Don't Cry Joe, It's A Wonderful World, Yore Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
  20. No. 3291 TRINI LOPEZ "the Folk Album" (Reprise) Lemon Tree - Pretty Eyes - Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair) - This Train - Puff (The Magic Dragon) - I Love Your Beautiful Brown Eyes - Don't Think Twice It's Alright - Micheal
  21. No. 3293 KEELY SMITH "The Intimate keely Smith"
  22. No. 3295 PETULA CLARK "Color My World Who I Am" (WB) Cherish - Please Don't go - What Would I Be - While The Children Play - Who I Am, Las Vegas - Here, There And Everywhere - Color My World
  23. No. 3296 Petula Clark "Downtown" (WB) True Love Never Run's Smooth - Baby It's Me In Love - Music - Crying Through Sleepless Night - Be Good To me - You Belong To Me - Downtown
  24. No. 3297 PETULA CLARK "I Know A Place"
  25. No. 3300 FREDDY CANNON "Action"
  26. No. 3301 PETER PAUL AND MARY "A Song Will Rise"
  27. No. 3302 IKE AND TINA TURNER "The Ike And Tina Turner Show"
  28. No. 3303 FREDDY CANNON "Freddy Cannons Greatest Hits"
  29. No. 3304 THE EVERLY BROTHERS "The Very Best Of The Everly Bros." (WB) Bye Bye Love - I Kissed You - Crying In The Rain - So Sad - Wake Up Little Susie - Bird Dog - Devoted To You - Lucille
  30. No. 3305 DUKE ELLINGTON "Duke Ellingtons Greates Hits"
  31. No. 3306 FRANK SINATRA "Sinatras Sinatra"
  32. No. 3307 FRANK SINATRA "September Of My Years"
  33. No. 3308 Frank Sinatra "That's Life"(Reprise) That's Life, I'll Wait For You, Sand And Sea, The Impossible Dream, Somewhere My Love (Lara's Theme, What ow My Love, Winchester Cathedral, You're Gonna Hear From Me
  34. No. 3309 FRANK SINATRA "Softly, As I leave You" (Reprise) Emly - Here's To The Losers - Dear Heart - Softly - As I Leave You - Love Isn't Just For The Young - I Can't believe I'm Losing You - Available - The Look Of Love
  35. No. 3310 FRANK SINATRA "Strangers In The Night" (Reprise) Strangers In The Night - You're Driving Me crazy - On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever) - Downtown - Call Me - My Baby Just cares For Me - Yes Sir That's My Baby - The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
  36. No. 3311 Dean Martin "Everybody Loves Somebody"
  37. No. 3313 DEAN MARTIN "Happiness Is"
  38. No. 3314 Frank Sinatra "It Might As Well Be Swing" (Reprise) Fly Me To The Moon, I Can't Stop Loving You, I Wanna Be Around, Wives And Lovers, I Wish You Love, I Believe In You, More, TheGood Life
  39. No. 3315 FRANK SINATRA "Frank Sinatra Sings The days Of Wine And Roses" (Reprise) Moon River - In The Cool Cool Cool Of The Evening - Secret Love - It Might As Well Be Spring - Days Of Wine And roses - Three Coins In The Fountain - The Continental - All The Way
  40. No. 3316 FRANK SINATRA "The Concert Sinatra"
  41. No. 3317 FRANK SINATRA "Sinatra And Swingin' Brass"
  42. No. 3318 FRANK SINATRA "All Alone"
  43. No. 3319 FRANK SINATRA AND COUNT BASIE "Sinatra / Basie"
  45. No. 3322 Frank Sinatra "Moonlight Sinatra" (Reprise) Moonlight Becomes You, Moon Song, Reaching For The Moon, Oh You Crazy, Moonlight Serenade, The Moon Got In My Eyes, Moonlight Mood, The Moon Was Yellow
  46. No. 3323 RICHARD "GROOVE" HOLMES "A Bowl Of Soul" LP
  47. No. 3325 MORGAN KING "Wild Is Love" LP
  48. No. 3326 PETER PAUL AND MARY "Peter Paul And Mary" Lp
  49. No. 3333 JAMES DARREN "All"
  50. No. 3335 BILL COSBY "Why Is There Air ?" (WB) Kindergarden - Baby - The Toothache - Hofstra
  51. No. 3336 VIC DAMONE "You Were Only Fooling"
  52. No. 3338 JOANIE SOMMERS "Softly, The Brazilian Sound'
  53. No. 3339 MIRIAM MAKEBA "Miriam Makeba In Concert"
  54. No. 3340 THE ELECTRIC PRUNES "The Electric Prunes" (Reprise) I Had To Much To Dream - Get Me To The World On Time - The king Is In My Counting House - Try Me On For Size - Train For Tomorrow - Luvin' - The Toonerville Trolly
  55. No. 3341 BUDDY GRECO "Big band And Ballads"
  56. No. 3343 TRINI LOPEZ "Trini"
  57. No. 3346 DEAN MARTIN "Houston"
  58. No. 3347 SONNY AND CHER AND FRIENDS "baby Don't Go"
  59. No. 3349 LOU MONTE "The Golden Hits Of Lou Monte"
  61. No. 3355 SAMMY DAVIS JR. "What king Of Fool Am I"
  62. No. 3359 FRANK SINATRA "Ring-A-Ding Ding!" (Reprise) Ring-A Ding Ding! - Let's Fall In Love - A Foggy Day - The Coffee Song - A Fine Romance - You'd Be So Easy To Love - You And The Night And The Music - I've Got My Love To keep Me Warm
  63. No. 3363 LOU MONTE "Lou Monte Live In Person"
  64. No. 3370 THE MIRACLES "The Miracles Doin' Micky's Monkey"
  65. No. 3373 THE MIRACLES "Away We A Go Go"
  66. No. 3376 JUNIOR WALKER AND THE ALL STARS "Road Runner"
  67. No. 3377 THE TEMPTATIONS "Meet The Temptations"
  68. No. 3382 BARBARA MCNAIR "Here I Am"
  69. No. 3386 THE SUPREMES I Hear A Symphoney"
  70. No. 3393 THE SUPREMES "A Bit Of Liverpool"
  71. No. 3394 THE SUPREMES, "At The Copa"
  72. No. 3396 MARY WELLS "Vintage Stock"
  73. No. 3398 FOUR TOPS "Four Tops Live"
  74. No. 3400 THE FOUR TOPS, "Second Album"
  75. No. 3401 THE FOUR TOPS, "Four Tops On Top"
  76. No. 3403 MARTHA AND THE VANDELLAS "Heatwave"
  77. No. 3406 MARTHA AND THE VANDELLAS "WATCHOUT" (GORDY) Go Ahead And Laugh - Happiness Is Guaranteed - I'm ready For Love - Let This Day Be - Jimmy Mack - One way Out - He Doesn't Love her Anymore - Tell Me I'll Never Be Alone
  78. No. 3407 STEVIE WONDER "With A Song In My Heart"
  79. No. 3409 STEVIE WONDER, "Uptight"

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