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    List of PlayTape 2 Track Cartridges

  1. No. 0506 Al Martino "My Cherie" (Capital) My Cherie, Crying In The Chapel, I'll Never Find Another You, It Only Hurts For A Little While
  2. No. 0507 PEGGY LEE, "Big Spender" T-2475
  3. No. 0509 THE LETTERMAN "She Cried" T-2142
  4. No. 0512 The letterman "Warm" (Capital) Warm - A Place For The Water - Our Winter Love - Don't blame It On Me
  6. No. 0514 JACKIE GLEASON "The Last Dance For Lovers" (Capital) The Best Is Yet To Come - On The Street Where You Live - Lazy Afternoon - The last Dance
  7. No. 0515 Sonny James The Southern Gentleman "The Best of Sonny James" (Capital) Room In Your Heart, Young Love, The Minute Your Gone, Your The Only World I Know
  8. No. 0516 THE BEACH BOYS "Surfin' USA" (Capital) Surfin' USA - Farmers Daughter - Lonely Sea - Mobile Surfer
  9. No. 0517 THE KINGSTON TRIO Best Of Vol. 2
  10. No. 0519 THE LEAVES "All The Good That's happening" T-2638
  11. No. 0520 Peggy Lee "Pass Me By" (Capital) Sneakin' Up On You - Bewitched - Pass Me By - A Hard Day's Night
  12. No. 0521 VIC DAMONE "On The Street Where You Live" (Capital) On The Street Where You Live - The Sound Of music - Lost In the Stars - Somethings Coming
  13. No. 0522 Bobby Darin "18 Yellow Roses" (Capital) 18 Yellow Roses, End Of The World, Ruby Baby, Walk Right
  14. No. 0523 Bobby Darin " From Hello Dolly To Goodbye Charlie" (Capital) Call me Irrisponsible - More - Once In A Lifetime - Goodbye Charlie
  15. No. 0524 TENNESSEE EARNIE FORD "My Favorite Things"
  16. No. 0525 JUDY GARLAND "The Hits Of Judy Garland" (Capital) You Made Me Love You, b) For Me And My Gal. C)The Trolly Song - Rock A Bye Your Baby With A Dixie, Melody - When You're Smiling.
  17. No. 0527 Jackie Gleason "Todays Romantic Hits For Lovers Only" (Capital) Danke Schoen, More, Fly Me To The Moon. As Long As He Needs Me
  18. No. 0528 The Beatles "Beatles VI" (Capital) Kansas City, You Like Me Too Much, I Don't Want To Spoil The Party, What You're Doing
  19. No. 0529 The Beatles "Help" (Capital) Help, I Need You, The Night Before, Another Hard Days Night
  20. No. 0530 THE BEATLES "Rubber Soul" (Capital) The Word - I'm Looking Through You - Michelle - Run For Your Life
  21. No. 0531 THE BEATLES "yesterday And Today" (Capital) Yesterday - Dr. Robert - And Your Bird Can Sing - We Can Work It Out
  22. No. 0532 THE BEATLES "Revolver" (Capital) All The Lonely People - She Said She Said - Yellow Submarine - Good Day Sunshine
  23. No. 0533 CHAD & JEREMY "The Best Of Chad & Jeremy" (Capitol) T-2470 A Summer Song - Only Those In Love - If I Loved You - Yesterdays Gone
  24. No. 0534 "More" Chad And Jeremy (Capital) September In The Rain, Lemon Tree, Four Strong Winds, The Truth Often Hurts The Heart
  25. No. 0535 THE BEACH BOYS "The Beach Boys Today" T-2269
  26. No. 0536 THE BEACH BOYS ""Smmer Days" T-2354
  27. No. 0537 The Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" (Capital) Wouldn't It Be Nice, Don't Talk, Sloop John B, Pet Sounds
  28. No. 0538 THE BEATLES "Meet The Beatles" (Capital) Roll Over Beethoven - I'll Get You - Money (That's What I Want)
  29. No. 0539 THE BEATLES "Second Album" T-2080
  30. No. 0540 The Beatles "Something New" (Capital) I'll Cry Instead / And I Love Her, Tell Me Why, Any Time At All
  31. No. 0541 The Beatles "The Early Beatles" (Capital) Boys, Please Please Me, Ask Me Why, P.S. I Love You
  32. No. 0542 The Beatles "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (Capital) Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, A Little Help From My Friends, Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite
  33. No. 0543 Nat King Cole "The Unforgettable Nat King Cole Sings The Great Songs" (Capital) An Affair To Remember, Be Still My Heart, Happy New Year, Around The World
  34. No. 0544 Laurindo Almeida "Guitar From Ipanema" (Capital) Choro For People In Love - Um Abraco No Bonfa - Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars - The Fiddler's Wolf Whistle
  35. No. 0548 "Beach Boys Concert" Beach Boys (Capital) The Little Old Lady From Pasadena, Long Tall Texan, The Monster Mash, Graduation Day
  36. No. 0549 Nancy Wilson "A Touch Of Nancy Wilson" (Capital) You've Got Your Troubles - Yesterday - Have A Heart - Goin' Out Of My Head
  37. No. 0550 NANCY WILSON "Nancy Naturally" (Capital) In The dark - Just For A Thrill - Ten Years of Tears - Ain't That Lovin' You
  38. No. 0551 The Beatles "The Early Beatles" (Capital) Boys, Please Please Me, Ask Me Why, P.S. I Love You
  39. No. 0560 "A Song For Young Love" The Lettermen (Capital) A Song For Young Love, I'll Be Seeing You, Come Back Silly Girl, Valley High
  40. No. 0561 PEGGY LEE "Big Spender Vol. 2 T-2475
  41. No. 0562 "The Sweetest Sounds Today" Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians (Capital) The Impossible Dream, Strangers In The Night, Wiederseh'n, Born Free
  42. No. 0564 NANCY WILSON " How Glad I Am" T-2155
  43. No. 0565 NANCY WILSON " Today My Way" (Capital) Reach out For me - Dear heart - My love Forgive Me - Don't Come running Back To Me
  44. No. 0566 NANCY WILSON " Gentle Is My Love" T-2351
  45. No. 0568 NANCY WILSON "From Broadway With Love" (Capital) I'll Only Miss Him When I Think Of Him - Somewhere - Makin' Whoopee - Young And Foolish
  46. No. 0570 Tennessee Ernie Ford "My Favorite Things" (Capital) Hello Dolly, Dear Heart, I Can't Stop Loving You, My Favorite Things
  47. No. 0571 Bobby Darin "18 Yellow Roses" (Capital) On Broadway, Not For Me Our Day Will Come Rhythm Of The Rain
  48. No. 0573 DEAN MARTIN "Cha Cha De Amor" (Capital) Somebody Loves You - For Sentimental Reasons - Let Me Love You Tonight - I Love You Much To Much
  49. No. 0574 GUY LOMBARDO AND HIS ROYAL CANADIANS "The Sweetest Sounds Today" (Capital) Take Good Care of her - Mame - Somewhere My Love - What Now my Love
  50. No. 0575 THE BEATLES "The Beatles Second Album" (Capital) You Can't Do That - I'll Get You - Please Mister Postman - Thank You Girl
  51. No. 0576 "Meet The Beatles" The Beatles (Capital) All I've got To Do, It Wont Be Long, This Boy, All My Loving
  52. No. 0577 The Lettermen "Portrait Of Love" (Capital) Mr. Lonely, To Know Her Is To Love Her, Come Softtly To Me, I'm Sorry
  53. No. 0579 The Beatles "Early Beatles" (Capital) Twist And Shout - Chains - Baby It's You - Love Me Do
  54. No. 0580 THE BEATLES "Beatles VI"
  55. No. 0581 THE BEATLES "Help" MAS-2386
  56. No. 0582 THE BEATLES "Rubber Soul" (Capital) I've Just Seen A Face - Wait - Norwegian Wood - Think For Yourself
  57. No. 0583 THE BEATLES "Yesterday And Today" (Capital) Drive My Car - Day Tripper - Act Naturally - What Goes On
  58. No. ? 0584 THE BEATLES "Revolver"
  59. No. 0585 CHAD & JEREMY "The Best Of Chad & Jeremy"
  60. No. 0586 CHAD & JEREMY "More Chad & Jeremy"
  61. No. 0587 Vic Damone "On The Street Where You Live" (Capital) On The Street Where You Live, The Sound Of Music, Younger Then Springtime, Till There Was You
  62. No. 0590 Al Martino "Living A Lie" (Capital) Living A Lie - Vaya Con Dios - I'm In The Mood For Love - That's My Desire
  63. No. 0592 DEAN MARTIN "The Best Of Dean Martin" (Capital) June In January - Come back To Sorrento - I'm Yours - Hey Brother Pour The Wine
  64. No. 0596 THE KINGSTON TRIO " Best Of The Kingston Trio Vol. III" (Capital) 500 Miles - San Miguel - El matador - Hangman
  65. No. 0598 The Beach Boys "Surfin' U.S.A." (Captal) Stoked, Honky Tonk, Surf Jam, Let's Go Trippin'
  66. No. 0600 THE BEATLES "Second Album Vol.
  67. No. 0603 AL MARTINO "I Love You More And More Every Day" (Capitol) T-2107
  68. No. 0604 AL MARTINO " Somebody Else Is taking My Place" (Capital) Somebody Else Is taking My Place - Pardon Me - Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte - No Other Arms No Other Lips
  69. No. 0605 Al Martino "My Cherie" (Capital) My Cherie, Moon Over Naples (Spanish Eyes), It Only Hurts For A Little While, I Wish You Love
  70. No. 0607 AL MARTINO "Think I'll Go Somewhere And Cry Myself To Sleep" (Capital) Think I'll Go Somewhere And Cry Myself To Sleep - Adios Mexico - Wiederseh'n - Together Again
  71. No. 0608 Al Martino "This Is Love" (Capital) Just Yesterday - Two Different Worlds - Who Can I Turn To - Love Letters
  72. No. 0609 HOLLYRIDGE STRINGS "Beatles Song Book" Vol. 2 T-2202
  73. No. 0610 HOLLYRIDGE STRINGS "Beatles Song Book" T-2116
  74. No. 0612 Nat King Cole "The Nat King Cole Story" (Capital) The Christmas Song, Looking Back, Wild Is Love, Night Lights
  75. No. 0613 "L-O-V-E" Nat King Cole (Capital) Love, Thanks To You, Coquette, My Kind Of Girl
  76. No. 0614 NAT KING COLE "LOOKING BACK" (Capital) Looking Back - If I May - Again - Time And The River
  77. No. 0615 JODY MILLER "Queen Of The House" (Capital) Queen Of The House - The Greatest Actor - If I - These Are The Years
  78. No. 0622 PETER AND GORDON "Woman" (Capital) High Noon - Black Brown & Gold - 3:10 To Yuma - Somewhere
  79. No. 0624 Peter And Gordon "England's Inimitable Singing Duo" (Capital) I Go To Pieces, Someone Ain't Right, Whatcha Gonna Do 'Bout It, A Mess Of Blues
  80. No. 0626 Lou Rawls "Nobody But Lou" (Capital) Blues For The Weepers, Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall, Two Tickets West, Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You
  81. No. 0626 Lou Rawls "Soulin'" (Capital) So Hard To Laugh So Easy To Cry - On A Clear Day - Don't Explian - Autumn Leaves

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