It's Here!

The Discatron Tri-Combo with PlayTape Player!

I believe this to be One of the First of a long line. I imported it from the U.K.. It is constructed of Wood & Steel covered with Black Tolex and is full of Transistors! Very little plastic! It has a Monstrous 3" x 5" Speaker and runs off of a BIG 9 volt battery!

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The Discatron Tri-Combo! I've been searching high and low for one of these units! The rarest of the rare when it comes to PlayTape Players! The Discatron Tri-Combo has a 45 RPM Record Player, 2 Band Radio & PlayTape player. Leave it to those Brits to beat us! At least they did not win the war! LMFAO!!! From what I understand, the Discatron was developed and marketed in the U.K. sometime around 1966. It was their answer to portable music. Pretty boss machine if you ask me!

I kinda' look at The Discatron as the predecessor of the modern CD Player! If you take a look, the 7" 45 RPM record slid into a slot in the top of the machine much like today's CD players work! It has a spring loaded stylus that runs across some metal rods and is supposed to be murder on your records! I don't recommend you put your collectable vinyl in there! LOL!!! Discatron's are not all that easy to find. They are much more scarce then PlayTape players. Some models came with only radios and some with only record players and then there were those that had both. But, to get one with all three is a real find! Be prepared to part with an arm and a leg if you want one of these puppies! That is if you can even find one!

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