Hi! My name is Mike. Welcome you to my Virtual PlayTape Museum! Here you may find some PlayTape related items and Links to learn more about PlayTapes. PlayTapes were the first tape cartridges released for portable use. Finally you didn't have to lug your favorite records or them messy reel to reels around! Because of the small size, 2 1/2" x 3" x 1/2" they're as collectible as baseball cards and don't take much room to store. Did you know Volkswagen even installed car players in their Bugs And Buses? It was the invention of the century! PlayTape2 Music Machines and tapes hit store shelves somewhere around 1967 and by 1970, portable 8 track players ruled the market. Most stores had sold out their existing inventory of 2 tracks. The end had come for the PlayTape. They instantly turned into collector items!

Artist included The Beatles, Frank Zappa, Steve Miller, Deep Purple, The Kinks, Jimi Hendrix, Steppenwolf, Traffic, Neil Young, The Animals, The Beach Boys, Chubby Checker, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes, Wes Montgomery, Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, George Jones, Buck Owens, Frank Sinatra, Nancy & Lee, Dean Martin, Herb Alphert, Sergio Mendez, Enoch Light, Arthur Lyman and thousands more!


PlayTape2 Cartridges play in the Discatron Tri Combo, Saphire, Mayfair, Valiant and many other mono 2 track cartridge machines!

We are PlayTape People

We've added some new content to the site throughout the pages! Starting this week I'll be posting some tips on how to fix and maintain your PlayTape cartridges. They can be found at the base of the discography pages.

You know. Some people question the availability of Playtapes around the rest of the world because they have never seen PlayTapes from other countries. Well I believe throughout my pages we have covered the UK, Australia, Japan and now here is a new treat! The first Puerto Rican PlayTape! I thought this was just another tape till I noticed it had the Pueto Rican record company number instead of the normal playtape number! You can check it out here!

UPDATE! WoW, Check this out! The only known PlayTapes manufactured for sale in Japan! Thank you Shinataro Otsuka for your contribution to the page! Japanese PlayTapes.

Ok For those that don't know, I have sold PlayTapes on Ebay for over 10 years under the name socalrecordexchange! I've sold hundreds of them over the years. Around two years ago I quit selling on ebay because of their bad policies for sellers! The problem now is I have hundreds of doubles in my collection! They have to go! Tapes for sale can be seen in my open PlayTape group on Facebook! Cash or US postal money orders please. I'm looking forward to seeing you there! ;O)

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Click here to see the Discatron Tri Combo!

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Other 2 Track Cartridge Players.

Model 1200

PlayTape 1200

The 1200 PlayTape player is what I believe to be PlayTape's first commercially marketed portable 2 track machine. It was first sold by Sears for for a little over $10.00 and is capable of playing stereo tapes which were sadly never introduced. Although the unit is marked stereo, it just plays both tracks at the same time through the mono soundboard. It's not true stereo. It does however reproduce the full sound spectrum from both channels. The huge 2 1/2" speaker is more then capable of handling the monstrous 250 milliwatts of power! The 1200 has a single playback head and an external speaker jack. These units have no jack for an AC adapter. The PlayTape 1200 uses 4 C cell Batteries. Sears also sold the 1200 in a cool carrying case. You could order the players and cartridges including: Big Band, Rock & Roll, Country & Western, Folk, Jazz, Blues, Comedy, Movie Soundtracks, Broadway and Musicals right out of the Sears Catalog. PlayTape also offered a wide variety of childrens tapes.!

1200 & carrying case No.1 1200 & carrying case No.2

Pepsi PlayTape 1200 In Store Promotion

Model 1310

PlayTape 1310

The infamous PlayTape 1310! Same thing as the 1200 with a face lift. This seems to be One of the most popular models. It's a great playing unit. It measures 9 3/4 x 5 1/4 x 2 7/8. It has two play back heads and is capable of playing stereo tapes. There is a 1310 MGM player that does come with a jack for an ac adapter. The standard playtape 1310 does not offer this option. The MGM model has a single playback head. The 1310's also come with an external speaker jack.

Model 1320

PlayTape 1320

Here's a nice unit. This one has a bad belt. Seems a lot of these old PlayTape players need new belts. But then I'm surprised when I get a player that has a good one after 40 years. The 1320 has a tremendous 3 1/2 inch speaker. It utilizes that 1/2 watt a bit more efficiently. it runs on 4 D cells and has jacks for an AC adapter and ear phone. These were also sold and marketed by another company in a big box set with wild animal calls! I think I've only seen one or two of those box sets in all my years collecting these things and I have been doing it off and on since 1967! Anyways they marketed the green ones so you could stick it in a bush and turn it on then yall'd go hide in your blind and bag a turkey or three! After the huntin' trip you could stick in your Jimmy Dean PlayTape while yer truckin' em' home to make sausage! Too Cool! ;O).

Fun PlayTape Fact: While some market the first generation (Gold label tapes) of Sam The Sham & Pharaohs as rare misprints. It was the most common error! All the first generation tapes were misprinted with the name Sam Shan & Pharaohs! I believe it was a contract thing! It's not rare at all! Now here is the real rare one!

Sam The Sham PlayTape with name correction!

The second generation changed the label with a name correction and also the track list replacing 'Juimonos' with 'Little Red Riding Hood' while retaining the same number #0006! These second generation tapes are 10 times more rare and I was lucky to win this one in this nice of shape! I don't recall seeing any tapes by Sam in the last three generations. If they exist, they are very rare.

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