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Lucecita Benitez PlayTape from Puerto Rico!

Lucecita Benitez PlayTape!!

Lucecita Benítez aka Reina de la Juventud was born on July 21, 1942 as Luz Esther Benítez in Bayamón, Puerto Rico

Ever since luz was small she was influenced by her mothers singing. Her father was a merchant marine and was not around much. Her mother used to sing while doing chores around the house and luz would mimic her. She would sing mostly tangos and boleros. One day her mother was listening to her from another room and was quit surprised at hearing her daughter had sounded just like her. Luz's mother insisted that her older brother Enrique start taking her to all of the talent shows in San Juan. This was against her fathers wishes as he wanted her to become a lawyer or a teacher. He certainly did not want her to sing. But since he was never home he did not have much say over her career choice.
Luz Started her career during a time called the "Nueva Ola"! A "New Wave" of music was sweeping over Puerto Rico!
By 1969 Luz had been invited to attend the first "Festival De La Voz" in Mexico! There she sang two songs. The first of which was titled "Genesis" The second was "Energía De Mis Manos" That day she won best interpretation of song. Best song for "Genesis" and she won best dressed. She also took a second for best musical arrangement. This was a big deal as it was the Latin world's best of the best!
When Luz had arrived home in Puerto Rico, she received a hero's welcome and even the schools had closed for the morning so she could meet all her fans in the streets of San Juan. It had led to her meeting Sammy Davis Jr. and to her appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1970. Latter that year she would sign with RCA and started touring worldwide. Including places like Argentina, Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Peru, Cuba, Dominican Republic, USA and Russia just to name a few.
Luz would go on to perform with the like's of Sammy Davis Jr., Placido Domingo, Pablo Milanes, Rubén Blades, Mercedes Sosa, Pablo Elvira, Justino Diaz and Danny Rivera
She had been declared the national voice of Puerto Rico
Luz went on to record a live album at Carnegie Hall in 1995 and is still active today.
She is also known for her work on El curandero del pueblo (1969), Tonta tonta pero no tanto (1972) and Romance del cumbanchero (1998).

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