Model 1401

PlayTape Model 1401

The 1401 Is very similar to the MGM 1400. At First glance the MGM 1400 looks identical. Upon closer inspection there are some very notable differences. The MGM 1400 has a single play back head that is capable of picking up both tracks on the tape. It runs on Four C cell batteries. The PlayTape 1401 has two separate playback heads and runs off Four D cells. Both units have removable battery compartments. These units are a bit more deluxe and have better fidelity then the 1310 due to the bigger speaker and a tone control. The fancy soft aluminum trim tends to dent very easily. These units should be treated with much care.

The 1400 is my personal favorite. I find the single head causes less friction and drag on your tape cartridges. I have yet to wear one out with normal usage. Don't drop them though! That caused the death of my last one.

Model 1441

PlayTape Hipster

The Hipster looks much different then the 1310. The inner workings are basically the same But it is not capable of playing stereo tapes. All the Hipsters I have seen do have a jack for the AC adapter. like the 1320 it runs on 4 D cell batteries. The Hipster is equipped with two heads and a 3" speaker. It comes with an ear phone jack and a jack for an ac adapter. The carrying strap is cool because you can carry it on your shoulder like a purse. The 1441 was featured in the 1968 Sears Christmas Catalog.

Model 1443

Model 1443 Hipster

Just like the first PlayTape player I ever owned! I think it was back in 1968 or 1969! Mine was green just like this one. These were the top of the line for the hand held units. The hip PlayTape 1443 Hipster had 2 florescent colors! Green and Orange! The 1443 came equipped with 2 playback heads, AM radio, tone control and an earphone jack. This one can be used with an ac adapter or four D cells! It does not play stereo tapes.

Model 1604

PlayTape Model 1604

The PlayTape Model 1604 is a table top unit. It was also used to supply sound for a few arcade games. The 1604 comes with it's own power cord and an external speaker jack. It runs off of Four D cells or 110v ac power. It's plastic simulated wood grain cabinet blends in with any decor. It will not play stereo tapes.

George Harrison Wonderwall PlayTape!

Fun PlayTape Fact: On Sep-16-09 this new sealed George Harrison 'Wonderwall' mono PlayTape sold for $312.18 US WoW!!!

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