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Valiant Model 2300R with Radio

Valiant Model 2300R with Radio

Holy Cow Batman! Here We have one of them complete box sets Baja was talking about on the other page!

Yes Robin it was too cool! I just had to have it! I've been waiting for days! I never dreamed it would be this nice! This box looks like it contains all the original parts! Complete and ready to go! I bet them 43 year old batteries still have spark in em.

This Model 2300R Solid State All Transistorized Cartridge Player with High Sensitivity Radio is the Bomb! It has a volume control with a set back tone control and a radio! It comes with an earphone and runs off four D cells or an optional ac adaptor.

Naco Model TP1070

Naco Model TP1070 for PlayTape 2 Tracks

This is the Naco Cartridge Player. I have seen it marketed as True-Tone and also Galaxy. It's built pretty sturdy. It comes complete with batteries and an earphone. It also came with an un presidented 1 year warranty! PlayTape's warranty was only good for 90 days.

This machine is a pretty basic straight forward one. It has a slide switch to change between tracks from the two playback heads and a volume control. It runs off 4 c cells that were included. It also runs off an ac adaptor that was not included.

Midland Model 12- 108

Midland Cartridge Player for 2 track Playtapes. Model 12- 108

This is the Midland Cartridge Player. Midland was big back in the late 1960's and 1970's for selling some of the best CB radios on the planet! What a delight it was to find a 2 Track Tape Player made by them! This one has a radio and turns on and off with the volume switch. It runs off Four D Cells. The Midland PlayTape Machine has 2 playback heads and is equipped for an earphone and AC adapter.

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