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Sunshine Radio Cartridge

The sunshine radio cartridge was a cool spiffy invention! You could turn your PlayTape player into an AM radio just by plugging it in! The cartridge runs off of 2 watch batteries. I have only seen 3 of these around in the last ten years or so. If you want one you better bid high! This one had the batteries left in it and is just a prop for the site.

Muntz Mini-Paks?

Ok people check this out! Another first for the WWW!

I believe the Muntz Mini-Pak to have been PlayTape's up and coming competition. Somewhere around 1969 I believe Mr. Mad Man Muntz developed the first micro cartridge to play in stereo. It was a 4 track cartridge about the same size as a PlayTape. It was around 3/4" thick and used 1/4" tape. Tape length was equal to a stereo single with both A & B sides. These were distributed through big chain stores like Montgomery Wards for a little over a buck.

Pioneer 2 track player?

Japanese Hi-Pac Player. I had bought this thinking it was a Pioneer branded 2 track player. It's really a portable player that plays miniature 4 track stereo tapes. They launched these in Japan around 1967 along with several types of Car Stereos that started out at around $55.00. Originally 180 titles were released on these small cartridges and if you did not have a player you could buy an adapter for your 8 track player. They also offered a radio adapter for the Hi-Pac. Several different companies were involved in the launch of these players and the tapes including Columbia, Hitachi, Clarion and others. Plans were in the works to also release quad players and players with recording capabilities along with blank tapes. There was also talk of these Hi-Pac machines being released to operate at two speeds, 1 7/8 and 3 3/4 ips.

Billboard's article on Hi-Pac.

Smith Carona Mail Call

The Smith Carona Mail Call

The Smith Carona Mail Call was a nifty new invention that you could use to record on PlayTape cartridges and mail them to your friends or associates so they could hear your voice. Could this be the first use of the term Voice Mail? LOL!

Just a little note about these Mail Calls. I bought one thinking I could convert it to record my own PlayTapes. It was not meant to be as the Mail Call records only one track across the whole width of the tape. PlayTapes are 2 tracks! So, if you use it to record you will only be able to record one or two songs and they will play on both sides.

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