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PlayTape Model 1403 with Radio

PlayTape Model 1403 with Radio (56497 bytes)

A lot of these 1403's Were made in Hong Kong. They are great players if they are from Japan but the Chinese one's have cheap transistors that have not passed the test of time. I picked up a nos lot of these Japanese ones and the good ones play really loud and have much better AM Radios then most other models. Loud you ask? Man! These are so loud your neighbors will complain! These use 4 D cells They have a on/off & channel selector a volume, tone control, AM tuner and a earphone jack. It also has a jack for the optional ac adapter.
I've got some very nice ones I'll sell for around $50.00 Depending on the condition + $15.00 for shipping USPS Priority Mail. International is more. :O)

Disneyland PlayTape Player

Disneyland PlayTape Player (70844 bytes)

The Disneyland PlayTape player was sold exclusively at Disneyland's first theme park in Anaheim. It is basically the same as the PlayTape Junior 1110. There are some slight dimensional differences. The Disney Player only came in one color scheme, red and white. The Junior Model is blue and white. Both models change tracks manually by moving a small lever located towards the back of the machine. The Disneyland Player and the Junior run on 4 D cells and came equipped with a jack for an AC adapter. They have no earphone jack. These models were intended for the use of small children. Walt Disney also marketed most of their fairy tales and movie soundtracks on blue colored childrens tapes.

PlayTape Bubble Packs

PlayTape 2 Track Bubble Packs (83139 bytes)

Here's some new PlayTapes still in the bubble packs! These are in pretty good shape. I remember when I was a kid you used to go to the record store and find all kinds of PlayTapes hanging on a peg board behind the counter. Now it's not so easy to locate that special tape.

Am Pak No. 1324 Flower Power PlayTape Case!

Am Pak No. 1324 Flower Power PlayTape Case! (69063 bytes)

Man! Check out this item!! You were nobody without one of these Psychedelic Babies! The Am Pak PlayTape case holds up to 24 PlayTapes and was put on the market by the the Amberg File & Index Co. of Kankaee, Illinois.

Fun PlayTape Fact: On Sep-28-12 This Mega Rare Mono Playtape 2 track tape cartridge by "Traffic" sold for $250.00 US!!! I really hated to part with this but times were hard and the man from Japan really wanted it!

Mega Rare Traffic PlayTape!

This Long Player by Traffic is what I call a paste over. It has had the tape changed out and a new label pasted over the old one. Paste overs started during the 4th generation. Contrary to belief these past overs were not re labeled poor sellers. PlayTape had very poor quality control. You could go buy five and chances were two would not work. The long players were mostly problematic. Not to worry. You could take them back to where you bought them and trade them in no questions asked. This led to crap loads of bad tapes piling up at the factory. So by the forth generation they started doing paste overs. By the fifth generation virtually all PlayTapes were Paste Overs!

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